Resolution of Labor Support

WHEREAS; The Vermont Progressive Party appreciates the critical role that organized labor has played in advancing higher living standards, better working conditions and greater workplace democracy for all workers; and,

WHEREAS; The Vermont Progressive Party recognizes that the decline of organized labor in the United States has significantly contributed to the vastly increased income and wealth inequality deplored by the popular Occupy Wall Street Movement and by the Vermont Progressive Party; and,

WHEREAS; The Vermont Progressive Party affirms that the right to collective bargaining is a fundamental human right recognized in Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and,

WHEREAS; The Vermont Progressive Party believes that working people in Vermont have a right to seek redress of contractual grievances free of any public condemnation by public officials;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Vermont Progressive Party that:

(1) The Vermont Progressive Party supports recent and ongoing efforts by members of the Vermont State Employee Association to obtain a ruling from duly constituted authority and a clarification of the terms of its contract with the State of Vermont; and

(2) The Party urges elected and appointed public officials to desist from castigation of the efforts of working Vermonters to seek an adjudication of contractual grievances through proper and recognized means.

Adopted November 19, 2011