Resolution to Challenge Vermont Parties and Candidates to work together to voluntarily erase the effect of Super PACs and Corporate donations on Vermont’s election process

WHEREAS; Super PACs spent over $1 million in Vermont in the 2012 election, not only in statewide races, but also in individual legislative districts,

WHEREAS; these Super PACs spent money on behalf of both Democratic and Republican party candidates,

WHEREAS; the effects of growing corporate donations on the democratic process across the country, and in Vermont, in 2012 as a  result of Citizens United is threatening to drown out the voices of individual citizens,

WHEREAS; most Vermonters agree that we should amend the US constitution to make it clear that Corporations are not people and Money is not speech in order to restore our democratic processes,

WHEREAS; it may take 8 or more years to amend the Constitution,

WHEREAS; in our neighboring State of Massachusetts, we saw the candidates for US Senate effectively discourage Super PAC activity in their race by agreeing that if any Super PAC spent money on behalf of either candidate, that candidate would agree to donate half the amount spent on his/her behalf to a charity of the other candidate’s choosing and the effect was that no Super PAC money was spent in the Massachusetts Senate race,

WHEREAS; the Vermont Progressive Party and our candidates do not accept corporate donations,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the State Committee of the Vermont Progressive Party calls on all political parties active in Vermont politics and all candidates running for office in Vermont in the upcoming election cycle 2013-2014 to abstain from accepting any and all donations from corporations,

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the State Committee of the Vermont Progressive Party calls on all parties and all candidates active in Vermont politics in the upcoming 2013-2014 election cycle to agree that any Super PAC money spent on behalf of any party or candidate will result in a donation of half that amount of money by the favored party or candidate to a Vermont charity.

Adopted November 17, 2012