Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders

Resolution in Support of Bernie Sanders for President


Whereas Senator Bernie Sanders is currently seeking election as President of the United States; and


Whereas, the Vermont Progressive Party’s current Party Platform asserts our positions on many social and economic justice issues that align with Sen. Sanders’ campaign platform; and


Whereas Progressives believe in a strong, sustainable economy that supports all people, not just the top 1% and Sen. Sanders has consistently advocated for the working and low-income people of Vermont and the United States; and


Whereas Progressives believe healthcare is a human right and should be provided through a publicly financed system and Sen. Sanders tirelessly advocates for universal healthcare;  and

Whereas Progressives and Sen. Sanders recognize the importance of climate change on both our environment and our economy; and  

Whereas Progressives recognize that deeply rooted racism and white privilege needs to be abolished wherever they exist and Sen. Sanders is listening to black leaders, addressing deeply internalized racist structures, and developing racial justice policy, and


Whereas Progressives and Sen. Sanders stand for sensible sentencing reforms which seek to protect communities while reducing the overburdened prison system; and


Whereas Progressives believe a strong education system is essential to citizen participation in a democratic society and Sen. Sanders is the only candidate who advocates to lift the heavy burden student loans place on young adults seeking higher education; and


Whereas Progressives and Sen. Sanders believe that all people should have access to paid sick leave and paid parental leave so that working people cannot be penalized for taking care of our families;


Whereas Progressives believe veterans deserve medical, emotional and financial support for their service to the country and Sen. Sanders continues to be the most outspoken candidate in support of our veterans; and


Whereas Progressives believe in non-military policies to resolve international conflict and Sen. Sanders understands the need to use cooperation and diplomacy to improve our relations with the world; and


Whereas Progressives believe in limiting the influence of corporations and excessive money in campaigns via super PACs and Sen. Sanders is committed to not accepting campaign contributions from such entities; and


Now therefore be it resolved, the Vermont Progressive Party State Committee here assembled commends Sen. Bernie Sanders commitment to progressive values; and


Be it further resolved, the Vermont Progressive Party State Committee hereby encourages its members to support the candidacy of Sen. Sanders for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Adopted Sept. 19, 2015. 



VT Progressives for Bernie

Are you a Progressive who's interested in helping Bernie's campaign for the White House?

One way you can help is by downloading a "VTProgs4Bernie" sign (click here to download) and snapping a pic of yourself with a little note about why YOU believe Bernie Sanders should be our next president! Then send us the picture so we can post it!

Pictures can be posted to our Facebook pagetweeted at us (@progparty), or sent to

VT Progressive Party Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak. 

VT Progressive Party Director Kelly Mangan.

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 JUN. 12 2015, 5:14 PM LEAVE A COMMENT

The Vermont Progressive Party, whose origins date back to Sanders’ surprise victory 34 years ago in the Burlington mayoral race, endorsed Sanders’ bid for the Democratic nomination Friday in a news release.

Fifteen elected officials who ran on the November ballot as Progressives, including State Auditor Doug Hoffer, the only statewide Progressive officeholder, signaled their support for Sanders.

The signatories included state Sens. Anthony Pollina, P/D-Washington, and David Zuckerman, P/D-Chittenden. Sen. Tim Ashe, D/P-Chittenden, was not listed on the news release but he said in an email that he supports Sanders and would make his own announcement.

Pollina said the U.S. needs Sanders’ voice in the race.

“Bernie really means what he says,” Pollina said in the release. “It’s a rare thing to have a politician who’s so consistently committed to doing the right thing for people.”

Rep. Chris Pearson, P-Burlington, said Sanders’ views on working families, climate change and other progressive issues should be part of the national debate.

“I doubt most Americans have heard a serious political voice like his before: it’s refreshing and I think our country is ready for it,” Pearson.

The other elected officials were:

Rep. Susan Hatch Davis; Rep. Mollie Burke; Rep. Sandy Haas; Rep. Diana Gonzalez; Rep. Robin Chesnut¬ Tangerman; Rep. Amy Sheldon; Burlington City Council Chair Jane Knodell; Burlington City Councilor Selene Colburn; Burlington City Councilor Max Tracy; Burlington City Councilor Sara Giannoni; and Winooski City Councilor Robert Millar.

The Progressive Party’s state committee will vote on a presidential endorsement in September.

Originally published in the VTDigger:

As Vermont Goes, So Goes the Nation?

April 5, 2014; Molly Worthen; New York Times

"Three years ago, Peter Shumlin, the governor of Vermont, signed a bill creating Green Mountain Care: a single-payer system in which, if all goes according to plan, the state will regulate doctors’ fees and cover Vermonters’ medical bills. Mr. Shumlin is a Democrat, and the bill’s passage is a credit to his party. Yet a small upstart spent years building support for reform and nudging the Democrats left: the Vermont Progressive Party. The Progressives owe much of their success to the oddities of Vermont politics. But their example offers hope that the most frustrating dimensions of our political culture can change, despite obstacles with deep roots in American history."

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Senator Bernie Sanders

The Vermont Progressive Party was formed out of the coalition that worked to elect Bernie Sanders to the Mayor's office in 1981. Though an Independent, Bernie has long worked with the Progressive Party to promote the issues that matter to working- and middle-class Vermonters. He is the longest serving Independent in Congress, and in 2006 became the first Independent ever elected to the US Senate from Vermont.

Daybell helped bring stability to Progressive Party

December 24, 2012; Burlington Free Press; Nancy Remsen

The turnover in executive directors of the Democratic and Republican political parties in Vermont has been fast and furious in recent years, while the Vermont Progressive Party has had the same man at the helm since 2007.

After three election cycles, however, Morgan Daybell, 43, is ready to move on. He has accepted another job closer to his home in Montgomery.

Daybell said he hopes that his successor will commit to an equally long tenure because the executive director plays a key role in ensuring the stability and longevity of any party, but especially an upstart trying to establish itself as a credible political player.

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