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F-35 debate on noise grows louder as critics challenge Guard comments

July 12, 2013; Sam Hemingway; Burlington Free Press

Also Friday, the state Progressive Party urged its members to join Saturday’s rally against the F-35.

“The Air Force’s own studies say basing the F-35 in South Burlington could leave up to 3,000 homes and 7,000 people in a zone ‘generally not considered suitable for residential use,’” Progressive Party Chairman Martha Abbott said in a statement. “A disproportionate number of those affected would be low-income and immigrant Vermonters.”

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If Progressives challenge Shumlin in 2014, it’s the governor’s own fault

June 14, 2013; Alicia Freese; VTDigger

The Vermont Progressive Party isn’t chomping at the bit to make a run for the governor’s seat in 2014, but party leaders say their displeasure with Gov. Peter Shumlin might leave them no choice.

“We’ve stayed out [of the past two elections] in sort of mild support of him,” said Rep. Chris Pearson, P-Burlington, who leads the Progressive caucus in the House. “I would say he is making it harder and harder for us to maintain that level of support.”

The last time the Vermont Progressive Party threw their weight behind their own candidate was in 2008, when Anthony Pollina, now a state senator, swept up more than 20 percent of the vote

Shumlin’s pledges to set up a single-payer health care system and to shutter Vermont Yankee helped cement the party’s support for him in the past two elections.

Shumlin undercut that allegiance during the 2013 legislative session, Progressives say, and they are weighing a challenge in 2014.

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The Progressive Party And The Governor

June 11, 2013; Bob Kinzel and Sage Van Wing; VPR

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The Vermont Progressive Party is disappointed with Governor Shumlin. They don't appreciate his stance against reforming the state's income tax system, and they didn't love his budget this year.  Progressive Party Chair Martha Abbott and House Caucus leader Chris Pearson join Bob Kinzel to discuss whether they will continue to support Governor Shumlin and where the Progressive Party goes from here.

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Progressives May Run Against Shumlin in 2014

June 11, 2013; Bob Kinzel; VPR News

But the Progressives’ enthusiasm for Shumlin took a big hit in the recent legislative session.

They were very disappointed that the Governor opposed efforts to reform the state’s income tax system. They were also puzzled about why he proposed taking $17 million from a tax credit program for low income working people to pay for an expansion of child care services.

Burlington Representative Chris Pearson is the party’s caucus leader in the Vermont House. He says Shumlin’s actions make it very difficult for the Progressives to support him in 2014.

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Shumlin’s commitment to single payer health care questioned

May 21, 2013; Andrew Stein; VTDigger

“The question is: Are we putting off raising revenue to wait for health care reform or is the administration unwilling to raise revenue for any purpose whatsoever?” Pollina asked.

Right now, he said, it appears the latter policy is prevailing.

“This past session, the clearest example would be the unwillingness to raise the relatively small amount of revenue that would have been necessary to hold harmless those people moving from Catamount to the exchange,” Pollina said.

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May State Committee Meeting - Proposed Agenda

Vermont State Committee Meeting
May 18, 2013; 1:00 pm
Old Labor Hall, Barre


Welcome: Martha Abbott (5 minutes)

Legislative Updates: Progressive Legislators (40 minutes)

CoCo Update: Coordinating Committee (15 minutes)

2013 Reorganization: Robert Millar (10 minutes)

Break/Raffle Drawing (15 minutes)

Panel Discussion – The Road to Single Payer: Meg Brook (60 minutes)
  *Panel Members: Anthony Pollina, Ellen Oxfeld, David Kreindler and Peter Sterling

Next Steps (Small Group Discussions) (30 minutes)

Closing: Martha Abbott (5 minutes)

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