VPP Resolutions

The following resolutions have been adopted by the State Committee of the Vermont Progressive Party.

Resolution of Labor Support

WHEREAS; The Vermont Progressive Party appreciates the critical role that organized labor has played in advancing higher living standards, better working conditions and greater workplace democracy for all workers; and,

WHEREAS; The Vermont Progressive Party recognizes that the decline of organized labor in the United States has significantly contributed to the vastly increased income and wealth inequality deplored by the popular Occupy Wall Street Movement and by the Vermont Progressive Party; and,

WHEREAS; The Vermont Progressive Party affirms that the right to collective bargaining is a fundamental human right recognized in Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and,

WHEREAS; The Vermont Progressive Party believes that working people in Vermont have a right to seek redress of contractual grievances free of any public condemnation by public officials;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Vermont Progressive Party that:

(1) The Vermont Progressive Party supports recent and ongoing efforts by members of the Vermont State Employee Association to obtain a ruling from duly constituted authority and a clarification of the terms of its contract with the State of Vermont; and

(2) The Party urges elected and appointed public officials to desist from castigation of the efforts of working Vermonters to seek an adjudication of contractual grievances through proper and recognized means.

Adopted November 19, 2011


Resolution of Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Resolved That: The Vermont Progressive Party declares itself to be in solidarity with the State, National and International Occupy Wall Street Movement and its opposition to the continuing accumulation of wealth and power in the hands of the already wealthy and powerful, and the Movement’s support of democratic methods and institutions.

To that end we urge all Vermonters to participate in the activities of the Occupy Wall Street Movement at whatever level they are comfortable with, and we call upon all levels of government within Vermont to endorse and assist the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Adopted November 19, 2011

Resolution Supporting Restrictions on Corporate Funding of Political Campaigns

Resolved, that the delegates present at the Nov. 19, 2011 VPP Convention support the efforts of local citizens in Vermont towns to place before voters at their Town Meetings in March 2012 the following article or equivalent

"Shall the voters of (Town Name), Vermont call upon the United States Congress to pass and send to the States for ratification, a Constitutional Amendment that allows Congress and the States to regulate the expenditure of funds for political campaigns by any corporation, limited liability company or other corporate entity?";

and that the delegates call upon the Coordinating Committee (CoCo) to lead the effort of publicizing and promoting this effort.

Adopted November 19, 2011

Stop the F-35

We oppose the installation of F-35 fighter jets at the Vermont Air National Guard base in South Burlington. The health, safety, and quality of life of all Vermonters will be harmed by these fighter jets. Our environment will be degraded. Removal of more rows of affordable houses near the airport will likely be required.

Each F-35 is projected to cost $112 million in today’s dollars, 50% more than original estimates. The total cost for the 18-22 planes will be over $2 billion. Our Vermont State budget is in desperate need of this money for health care, education, jobs, roads, bridges, environment, and human services. These planes are enormously powerful weapons built to advance U.S. occupations and wars thousands of miles from Vermont. In town meetings Vermonters voted overwhelmingly that the best way to support our soldiers is to bring each and every one of them home now. These planes are counter to those votes, and they will not benefit Vermont. We say to the Federal Government: cancel the F-35, and send the money to Vermont instead.

Adopted May 15, 2010

Why the Vermont Progressive Party Champions a Just Transition Resolution

Whereas: Job displacement that results from economic, ecological or social imperatives must be dealt with as the other side of the “social good” coin, and not cost workers or communities their health, wealth or assets. The cost of such changes should fall on those who can afford it; and

Whereas: The Vermont Progressive Party understands that climate change, the preservation of the environment and the danger of nuclear pollution are issues that directly affect working people because they are the most vulnerable and have the fewest resources to deal with these problems; and

Whereas: It will take the united efforts of all affected Vermonters to cope with these problems, especially those workers most directly affected by environmental protection measures and the closure of Vermont Yankee including their Trade Unions to bring about real change; and

Whereas: While it is true that a state-based single-payer or self insurance system is the only effective mechanism for controlling skyrocketing costs by saving millions annually wasted on administrative costs and insurance company profits while covering all Vermonters, it is also true that this will result in job losses for those currently employed by health care providers and insurance companies in processing insurance claims.

Therefore be it resolved: That the Vermont Progressive Party strongly advocates a “Just Transition” to a sustainable economy, always demonstrating a deep concern for both jobs and the environment.

Be it further resolved: That the closing of Entergy’s Vermont Yankee plant must include provisions for a “Just Transition” for the local community which faces the loss of revenue, and the VY workers who lose their jobs, and may, in this economy, never have a family wage job again. A “Just Transition” includes a firm commitment to guarantee jobs (at union wages) or income, as well as necessary retraining.

Be it further resolved: That the Vermont Progressive Party’s fight for a state-based single-payer system include provisions for a “Just Transition” for all those who lose their jobs because they are employed by health care providers to process insurance claims.

Adopted February 7, 2010

Impeachment Resolution

Whereas George W. Bush and Richard Cheney have:

1. Misled the nation about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.
2. Misled the nation about ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda
3. Used these falsehoods to lead our nation into a war unsupported by international law.
4. Not told the truth about the American policy with respect to the use of torture, and
5. Directed the government to engage in domestic spying, in direct contravention of U.S. law,

Therefore, the Vermont Progressive Party State Committee requests Vermont’s representative to the U.S. House of Representatives to file articles of impeachment to remove Bush and Cheney from office.

adopted May 19, 2007

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