Vermont State House of Representatives

Christopher PearsonRepresentative Chris Pearson (Chittenden 6-4)

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Chris Pearson returned in 2011 to the House seat he held from 2006-2008, representing Chittenden 3-4 (Renamed 6-4 during 2012 reapportionment), a two-seat district in Burlington encompassing UVM and parts of Ward 1 and Ward 2. He has served on the Commerce and Government Operations committees, and currently serves as vice chair of the Health Care Committee. Pearson is Progressive Caucus Leader.

Susan Hatch DavisRepresentative Susan Hatch Davis (Orange 1)


A retired State Employee and lifetime community member, Susan is committed to efficiency in government, expanding broadband internet access to rural communities, real property tax reform, protecting workers' rights, and creating a true single-payer healthcare system. Susan is co-chair of the Legislative Working Vermonters Caucus.

Mollie BurkeRepresentative Mollie Burke (Windham 2-2)


Mollie has served as a representative to Brattleboro's town meeting for many years. She brings dedication to public transportation and sensible priorities to the Statehouse. Mollie serves on the House Transportation Committee. Mollie is the founder and director of Art in the Neighborhood, an organization that provides classes to economically disadvantaged children. She also engages adult artists and young students in an annual exhibition to promote energy conservation and alternative transportation.

Sandy HaasRepresentative Sandy Haas (Windsor-Rutland)

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Sandy has been a consistent voice for tax reform and small business. She is an articulate voice for the needs of small towns across the state and one of the leaders on the death with dignity bill. Sandy is the Vice-Chair of the House Human Services Committee. Sandy represents the district of Windsor-Rutland-2, which includes the towns of Bethel, Pittsfield, Rochester, and Stockbridge.

Diana GonzalezRepresentative Diana Gonzalez (Chittenden 6-7)

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Diana was elected in 2014, and is the first Latina and first openly LGBTI representative elected to the Vermont State Legislature. She is currently a doctoral student in Education, Leadership, and Policy studies at the University of Vermont and a facilitation consultant. Previously, she worked as a Health Educator at UVM and was a leader in the effort to unionize the unrepresented staff. As an educator, she has taught elementary, high school, undergraduate and graduate students. Diana's goal is to make sure that all of Winooski's diverse voices are being heard in the Statehouse. She serves on the Committee on General, Housing, and Military Affairs.

Robin Chesnut-TangermanRepresentative Robin Chesnut-Tangerman (Rutland-Bennington)

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Robin was elected in 2014 to the state legislature. Robin is a licensed educator at The Tutorial Center at Smokey House in Danby working with at-risk teens, and an adjunct faculty at Green Mountain College in the renewable Energy and Ecological Design Program (REED). He has also owned and operated Talisman Woodwork for 25 years, doing remodeling with a focus on energy efficiency and historical renovation. He lives in Middletown Springs, and serves on the House Committee on Natural Resources and Energy. His priorities are environmental conservation, bringing new, well-paying jobs to Vermont (especially those in clean energy industries), decreasing student loan debt that so often sends young people out of Vermont, and building coalitions to address narcotic abuse and dependency.