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Letter to Bill Watterson from Rep. Susan Hatch Davis

Dear Bill,

As a member of the Vermont General Assembly and a Co-Chair of the Legislative Working Vermonters Caucus I am naturally concerned with the welfare of our communities. Like me, I am sure you recognize that Vermont’s hardworking families are our greatest economic assets.  I also recognize that good paying jobs are harder and harder to come by and the pressure on working families is real and growing. Vermont needs more full time workers who can support families without having to juggle multiple jobs, not more part-time workers without benefits. 

So, I am writing in solidarity with the Chittenden County Transportation Association’s organized bus drivers and calling on management to deliver a fair contract that improves public safety and working conditions. There is still time for Chittenden County Transportation Association to do the right thing. Anything else sells Vermont short.

I call on CCTA to deliver a fair contract to drivers.

Representative Susan Hatch Davis

Livable Wage Waiver

I penned the following to Mayor Miro Weinberger (cc'ed members of the Finance Board) after the Finance Board voted in favor of an exemption of the livable wage ordinance to Skinny Pancake.

December 3, 2012

Dear Honorable Mayor Weinberger,

As co-chair of the Legislative Working Vermonter's Caucus, it is important that I work to promote a progressive, working families agenda and support justice for all Vermont workers. Burlington's livable wage ordinance is a model that political leaders in Vermont should be touting not exempting. It is a family friendly policy and makes good economic sense for Burlington and Vermont because it puts the spending power into the hands of regular people (in particular women, who traditionally have worked in the lower paying jobs).

Burlington can be proud of such a good policy that helps to give Vermont's working poor a better chance to eventually rise up into the middle class. Your policy is an excellent example of an act of justice for working Vermonters.

Sadly, it is my understanding that you and the board of finance recently approved the Skinny Pancake's request for an exemption from the city's livable wage ordinance. I am concerned that your defense of the exemption sets a troubling precedence for hard working families who have already been hammered by a financial crisis they didn't create. These families need political leaders who will fight for hardworking people, not undermine policies that give them a chance to live a dignified life.

I urge you, as Mayor in one of the greatest cities in our state, to do the right thing and reconsider your decision or look at alternative ways to work with Skinny Pancake to uphold the existing ordinance. I'm sure you will agree that the greatest aspect of Vermont's economy is our hardworking families. There is still time for you to support Vermont's economic future and do the right thing. Anything less sells working Vermonters short.

Thank You,

Representative Susan Hatch Davis
Co-Chair Legislative Working Vermonters Caucus

ACA Upheld

Today the US Supreme Court uphold most of federal health law. Some play by play here:

Vermont Surrendering to Monsanto

A Story by Will Allen and Ronnie Cummins at alternet on April 19, 2012 asks the question, "Is Vermont's Governor surrendering to Monsanto?" The story goes on the say, "Vermont's governor has 2 weeks to stand with 90 percent of his constituents who favor labeling genetically engineered foods, or cave to Monsanto."

In the event that our Governor caves, former Progressive Legislator and farmer David Zuckerman, should be waiting in the wings and announce his bid for Governor.

What do you think?

Tracking Teens

Auto insurer AAA is offering a device called "AAA-OnBoard" to parents so they can follow their teenagers driving. AAA customers could potentially be eligible for discounts on their insurance by installing the device into their vehicles being driven by a teenager. Some teenagers feel this is a bad idea and and that it is an invasion of privacy. Is this an invasion of privacy under the guise of safety? What do you think?

Shumlin bailing on Waterbury campaign promise?

Listen to what our Governor had to say to the VSEA Board of Trustees about his vision for the future of the Vermont State Hospital when he was on the campaign trail. Did storm Irene give our Governor a reason for breaking his campaign promise? You decide.

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