Oct. 2015 Coordinating Committee Meeting - Minutes

Vermont Progressive Party Coordinating Committee Meeting 10/10/2015


Meeting was held at VSEA offices in Montpelier between 10:08 AM and 12:53 PM.

Present: Chair Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Vice-Chair Morgan Daybell, Treasurer Martha Abbot, state Secretary Chris Brimmer, at large Corey Decker, Caryn Connolly, Carl Davis. Guests Adia Hoge, James Haslam, Steve Hingtgen.


1) Martha made a motion to adopt proposed changes to Executive Director job description, second by Morgan. Motion approved by acclamation.


2) Martha gave a Treasurer's report. We are improving over previous years. Fund raising was detailed, outreach to labor in the state has met with some success. Discussion on how to make the CoCo a more effective fundraising body. 

CoCo should design some signature events and members should leverage their own networks, put together regional events, etc. 


3) Rights and Democracy members Steve Hingtgen and James Haslam made a presentation to the CoCo. RAD says it has moved from organizing to legislative advocacy and are looking for synergies with other actors. RAD invites VPP to support RAD's platform/agenda. No electoral strategy yet. Decisions on candidate recruitment, training and support not made yet, nor any judgements on the top of the ticket. Conferences and workshops envisioned for candidate recruitment and for candidates to speak to the RAD agenda. 


CoCo discussion of RAD ask. Martha moved to put the RAD endorsement  on the State Committee meeting 2016, second by Corey and approved by acclamation.


5) Alliance for Democracy, represented by Robin Lloyd, is asking VPP support for a resolution concerning TPP. Discussion on TPP impact on drug pricing, bypassing of national and state court systems and local government and the very anti-democratic provisions of the TPP. Motion by Martha forward the proposal through a lawyer for the Burlington Town Committee, seconded by Caryn and approved by acclamation. 


6) Convention Planning

- Discussion of the election process for the CoCo.

- Town meeting day resolutions.

- Skill building sessions'

- Need a dynamic speaker(s).

- Theme? Single payer, labor legislative priorities?


7) Legal discussion prompted by FOIA requests made of some electeds earlier this summer. Tabled pending legal opinion.   


8) Update on public finance/Corren lawsuit


9) Morgan moved to adjourn the meeting, second by Caryn and approved by acclamation at 12:53



Respectfully submitted by Chris Brimmer, state party secretary