2015 State Convention - Minutes

Vermont Progressive Party State Convention 11/7/2015


Meeting was held at the State Capitol Cafeteria, Montpelier  VT between 1:10 and 4:15 PM.

1)      Emma Mulvaney-Stanak called meeting to order at 1:10 PM.



Current Treasurer Martha Abbott set a fundraising goal of 25 new or increased monthly donations by the end of the meeting. 



Moved to the election of Coordinating Committee officers and at large members. Executive Director Kelly Mangan opened the floor to nominations: Morgan Daybell nominated Emma Mulvaney-Stanak for chair, accepted; Barry Kade nominated Morgan Daybell for vice-chair, accepted; Morgan Daybell nominated Chris Brimmer for secretary, accepted; Megan Polyte nominated Martha Abbott for treasurer, accepted; Emily Krawsnow nominated Megan Polyte for assistant treasurer, accepted; Shelia Manchester Coniff nominated Adam Norton for at large seat, accepted; Morgan Daybell nominated the rest of the at large slate (Corey Decker, Mari Cordes, Carl Davis, Stephanie Thompson); accepted. Martha Abbott nominated Michael Kane for at large seat, accepted; Morgan nominated Robert Millar, accepted.

Morgan moved slate of officers for voice vote from floor, officer slate approved by acclamation. Paper balloting conducted for at large positions.



John Howe moved to approve the Labor Resolution, second by Sheila Manchester Coniff. Sheila moved to amend the resolution with the addition of language healthcare based on Medicare for All, race and gender clause, establish a system for a basic income by 2022, public and private sector privacy rights and opposition to TPP. Barry Kade motion to strike the language "by 2022", second by Caryn Connolly, Nate Brimmer moved to amend by striking the COLA language, motion to call the question of the amendments to the amendments by Emily Krasnow and seconded by Jeremy Hansen, motion to call the question carries by voice majority. Vote by hands on the Amendment 40 for and 19 against, motion to amend carries. Barry Kade moved to amend by striking the language capping executive pay to 4 times lowest paid worker, John Lowery seconded, vote by hands 25 for the amendment to the amendment, 30 against. The question of the amendments as amended called by Robin Chesnut-Tangerman, seconded by Jeremy Hansen, motion carries by voice. John Howe moves to amend by striking language as voted, second by Don Schram, Martha Abbott called the question, motion to amend the amendment carries  by voice vote. Robin Chesnut-Tangerman called the question on adoption of the amended resolution, carries by voice vote. Resolution passes. 


        5)   Kelly Mangan introduced the panel for the Labor/Union discussion: Leslie Matthews (VSEA), Michelle Salvador (VSEA), Ben Johnson (AFT, AFL-CIO) and Jeff Fannon (NEA).


        6)  Results of the CoCo election: Mari Cordes, Corey Decker, Carl Davis, Adam Norton and Stephanie Thompson elected on first ballot.

Rob Millar and Michael Kane tied. Run-off vote held & Michael Kane elected to remaining at-large seat.

         7)  James Haslam (Rights & Democracy) and Selene Coburn (Progressive City Councilor from Burlington) presented on the KKK fliering incident that happened in Burlington a few weeks ago, and the initial reluctance of local police to  act on this (as well as other recent, less-publicized acts of hate which have occured in town), pointing to the lack of priority of this issue for state and local government. Selene expressed dismay that it took the invention of an elected official to get some action on the incident. Both passed around a sign-up sheet for various anti-racism and justice-system-reform groups they are coordinating with, and asked meeting participants to please sign up if they're willing to be a part of addressing isssues like this in the future. 

         8) Survey on 2016 Party Electoral and Legislative priorities circulated and collected. Floor discussion held on "spoiler issue," and running candidates for governor & lt. governor.


Meeting concluded at 4:15 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Chris Brimmer, state party secretary